Purpose of the Arkansas FOIA

The purpose of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act is to ensure maximum openness and transparency in governmental and nonprofit agencies which expend taxpayer funds. This important and far-reaching State statute:

1. ENCOURAGES respect for the public’s “right to know”about the government’s  business

2. ENCOURAGES the citizens of Arkansas to become more knowledgeable about governmental affairs

3. ENCOURAGES respect for public opinion as it relates to the business of government

4. ENCOURAGES the public to learn how to legally question governmental officials

5. ENCOURAGES the public to become familiar with the respective procedures to access information from governmental agencies

6. ENCOURAGES a strict adherence by governmental officials to all local, State and federal statutes and ordinances

7. ENCOURAGES interest of the public in the democratic process

8. ENCOURAGES public understanding and legitimate use of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

9. ENCOURAGES willingness of governmental employees to assist the public to become familiar with governmental process and protocol

10. ENCOURAGES interest in the performance of public officials and the employees supervised by those officials

11. ENCOURAGES public employees to exhibit a high degree of honesty and integrity in all of their dealings with the public

12. ENCOURAGES wise and prudent use of governmental time, money and resources

13. ENCOURAGES fair and equitable treatment of all citizens by public employees

14. ENCOURAGES prompt attention to all matters of concern expressed by the public

15. ENCOURAGES adequate and lawful documentation and safeguarding of all matters relating to the public’s business

16. ENCOURAGES timely notification and disclosure of all public meetings and open disclosure of any decisions reached during those meetings

17. ENCOURAGES citizen interest and involvement in public service

18. ENCOURAGES a spirit of public volunteerism in the governmental process

19. ENCOURAGES  a willingness of the public to seek policy and statute changes and revisions when deemed necessary by the citizenry

20. ENCOURAGES the development of a uniform Code of Ethics for all governmental employees

21. ENCOURAGES legislation designed to support openness in governmental affairs involving taxpayer monies

22. ENCOURAGES full reporting of governmental activities by all available news media